Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a powerful way to reach consumers as they move about their daily lives. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your advertising campaign:

  1. Location is key: Consider whether a local or national approach is best and choose locations based on your target audience’s habits and presence. Selecting hospitals close to where you operate is ideal, and a busy healthcare environment will enable you to reach a complete cross-section of society.
  2. Consider your audience: Do you want to reach a wide audience in a high-footfall setting, or drill down with a targeted approach? Consider who your message is aimed at and how you can reach people with your campaign. As well as delivering a general audience of patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals in main areas such as entrances, waiting rooms, cafeterias and corridors, we offer unique opportunities to advertise within certain specialist departments.
  3. Leverage high-impact visuals: OOH advertising should grab attention quickly. Use bold colours, simple yet striking images, and minimal text to make your message stand out. Our expert team is on hand to guide you through the ‘dos and don’ts’ of effective artwork, and we’re always happy to recommend designers.
  4. Be creative and unique: Don’t be afraid to stand out by being creative! Unique artwork or bold visuals can make your campaign more memorable and shareable.
  5. Consider timing and duration: Align your advertisements with relevant timeframes and campaigns. For example, National Awareness Days are a great opportunity to promote your message and ensure maximum impact. Keeping your adverts in place for long enough will ensure you make an impact, typically we recommend at least a month.
  6. Keep it simple: Your message should be concise and memorable. Avoid clutter and focus on a clear message or call to action. Consider producing leaflets with more detailed information to encourage the audience to take information away.
  7. Incorporate digital elements: Digital OOH advertising such as D6 screens in prominent locations add dynamic elements including moving images and real-time updates which can increase engagement. Pulse Outdoor Media has hugely increased our digital offering this year alone, and we’re proud to offer even more digital opportunities.
  8. Synergise with other media: Combine OOH hospital advertising with other media strategies such as online ads, radio, and social media to reinforce your message across multiple channels.

Have we inspired you to reach your target audience? Our friendly team will help ensure your campaign leaves a lasting impression. Get in touch by phone: 020 7305 5859 or email: info@pulseoutdoor.com.

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