Staying connected in today’s world is so important, but it’s not so easy for everyone.

SimPal is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led charity providing a unique support service that allows people living with cancer, life threatening conditions, or affected by poverty, to stay connected to friends, family, healthcare services and the wider community.

The unique charity set up a campaign with Pulse to offer FREE, 6 month pre-paid SIM cards including 20G data per month for people living with cancer, disadvantaged by poor health, or digital poverty, in the UK. The regional campaign covered four sites with 6 sheet posters and supporting A5 leaflets.

Chris from SimPal said of the campaign “For our first project together I got a real feel for the flexibility and innovation of Pulse, they helped us to smoothly navigate the process and enable us to advertise our services, in areas that truly need it. Their advice regarding sites and advertising was invaluable and raised so much awareness of our young organisation”.

If you would like to know more about advertising within NHS hospitals – digital or static – please get in touch with our advertising specialists by email at or by calling 020 7305 5859.


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