British Heart Foundation 6-sheet poster advertising in hospitals

6-Sheet and 4-Sheet Posters

These large posters, the type usually seen at bus stops, offer an unmissable way to communicate with patients, visitors and staff. At 1.8m x 1.2m and 1.5m x 1.0m respectively, these formats achieve unbeatable standout in any environment.

Our large posters are available in general, high footfall locations such as main entrances, busy thoroughfares and restaurants, as well as highly targeted clinical areas.

British Heart Foundation 6-sheet poster advertising in hospitals

Digital 6-Sheets

We have started to roll out our D6 panels across our network, which can be positioned both internally and externally. Giving advertisers the option to include motion and animation, these highly visible and premium panels will enhance any campaign.

Advertising will be mixed in with the hospital’s own messaging, delivering a greater share of voice whilst also giving our hospital partners an invaluable communications tool.

Grantham A&E hospital advertising - Samaritans

A1 Posters

A1 posters (84cm x 59cm) offer both high visibility and great flexibility due to their compact size and that they can be installed temporarily. They are ideal both to upweight large format campaigns in key areas, as well as to deliver second-to-none targeting in key clinical waiting areas.

Grantham A&E hospital advertising - Samaritans

Lift Wraps

With an average size of 2.1m x 1.3m, lift wraps are Pulse’s largest format. Super-high impact and delivering considerable dwell time (the average wait for a lift is 45 seconds), they offer maximum visibility.

Lift wraps can be bought for a minimum of 6 months and are ideal for both brand-led advertising and sponsorship activity.

Macmillan poster advertising to patients with leaflet dispenser


Most of Pulse’s 6-sheet, 4-sheet and A1 panels have an adjacent leaflet holder, enabling clients to make best use of their campaign budget by encouraging the audience to take information away with them.

Leaflet holders can each hold around 100 leaflets – A5 or DL – and are free to use. Replenishment can be provided mid-campaign at an additional cost.

Washroom advertising in hospitals

Washroom Panels

The hospital environment is an excellent one in which to convey health related messaging, but some more sensitive issues benefit from a more discreet location, so Pulse has developed an estate of washroom panels to facilitate this.

A3 poster panels are available in washrooms with the highest footfall and campaigns can be gender specific, where relevant.

Product sampling in hospital waiting area


Hospitals provide an excellent opportunity for health-related brands to put their product samples directly into the hands of their target market, with the added bonus of doing so within a trusted environment.

Samples can be distributed from a range of units and positioned both in general high-footfall areas and specific clinical locations.