Samaritans – A&E advertising


Reaching out to the vulnerable and troubled in an environment regarded as both safe and sympathetic.

Focused in key geographical areas across the UK, incorporating use of 6-sheet posters in high footfall areas and A2 posters in A&E.

Cancer Research UK clinic advertising


Raising patient awareness of the charity as an authoritative source of cancer information as well as its clinical research activities.

Messaging in busy, high footfall areas to reach oncology patients along with their support network of family and friends.

British Heart Foundation healthcare advertising


Initial test campaign booked for 6 weeks in Cardiology clinics with 15,000 leaflets taken.

  • 50% of the hospital audience recall seeing the BHF poster
  • 85% felt the BHF advert was appropriate to advertise in a hospital
  • 43% believed the advert makes you more aware of your heart health
  • 50% said that the poster was noticeable
  • 46% said that the poster was educational
  • 69% would be likely or very likely to pick up a leaflet in a hospital

Subsequent campaigns utilised both Cardiology and Main Entrances.

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