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Key Demographics

UK Healthcare Advertising: What do the figures reveal?

82% of people agree they are more likely to engage with information about health & well-being when in a healthcare environment”

Although most people in a hospital at any one time aren’t patients, the simple fact that they are in a health-related environment means that they will engage with the messaging round them.

Pulse works hard to execute research-led campaigns which not only helps our partner brands creatively stand out from the crowd, but also means they are getting the most out of their campaigns through strategic placement within various speciality hospitals. It is also extremely important to us to ensure that these poster campaigns are relevant and respectable to the audiences interacting with them.

The majority of follow-up outpatient appointments take place every 3-6 months. With this in mind, we highly recommend that when planning hospital advertising campaigns, it is worth considering a longer duration to maximise reach.


It can be a common misconception that the hospital audience comprises ‘old, sick people’, but this isn’t the case. Advertising will reach patients, visitors, companions, staff, volunteers and students – of all ages. Conducting research and analysis is paramount to ensuring a campaign is as effective as it can possibly be.

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