Comfort maternity ward advertising


Targeting Maternity

Campaign booked for 6 months – Maternity – 59,786 leaflets taken.

Proven sales uplift of Comfort in retail outlets local to the hospitals it was advertised in.

  • 75% felt that the poster was appropriate to advertise in Maternity
  • 60% are likely to consider buying Comfort after seeing the advert
  • 90% of those who saw a Comfort poster recalled seeing it in a hospital
  • 78% of those who saw a poster in Maternity recall the Comfort poster
  • 46% of those who took a Comfort leaflet redeemed the coupon inside to purchase the product; figures were verified by barcoded coupons

Vaseline – hospital media


Targeting Dermatology

Campaign booked for 12 months.

  • 67% of those who recalled a poster in dermatology remembered it was for Vaseline
  • Over 45% of those interviewed believed Vaseline had greater credibility from being advertised in the clinic
  • Over 26% of people were now likely to purchase the product
  • Over 45% of those interviewed found the advertising helpful