NHS London – launch of online GP services

As everyone is very much aware, in recent years, patients have increasingly struggled to gain timely access to their busy GPs. As a result, many patients have presented themselves – at already overstretched hospital Emergency departments – with relatively minor and non-urgent conditions.

In a very practical effort to address the situation, GP surgeries have now put in place online appointment booking services. These are very much live systems with cancellations immediately shown as available appointments. Patients are also able to order repeat prescriptions through the same online system.

It is therefore highly appropriate that NHS London has chosen to inform patients of this new GP service within our partner hospital Emergency departments – utilising our A2 poster panels with accompanying leaflet holders.

For more information about the new online services visit:  http://www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/aboutnhsservices/doctors/pages/gp-online-services.aspx

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